Why Credit Card Machines for Craft Shows Make the Difference

Watch the money come in when you start using credit card machines for craft shows. Start a new craft business the right way by accepting credit cards. Seasoned crafters need to take a look at their sales and realize they could increase sales by as much as 35 percent or more by accepting credit and debit cards at the craft shows.

Professional crafters are simply amazed at the difference in sales once they make the decision to accept credit cards. Anyone who has worked the craft show circuit knows that a minimum of one-third of their sales come from accepting debit and credit cards. Find out about the benefits of wireless credit card machines for craft shows and how the system works.

Benefits of Having Credit Card Machines at Craft Shows

All new crafters start working the show circuit with high hopes and enthusiasm only to realize their sales are not what they had hoped for. Until one day, they realize booths up and down the isles are taking in money and making great sales by accepting credit and debit cards. Making craft show sales is not totally a matter of luck. You have to make it very easy for customers to purchase and taking credit cards is the key.

Wireless Credit Card Machines

Wireless credit card machines for craft shows are easy to get and simple to work. Because they are wireless, you do not have to worry about telephone lines, electric outlets or if it will work at the next show location. Once the machine is set up with your account, just pack it up to the next show and put it on your check-out table ready to make sales.

The amazing thing is years ago wireless credit card machines were fairly expensive. Things change and today they have come way down in price. As a matter of fact, many of the merchant accounts offering credit card processing will give you a credit card machine with your account, free of charge. So, grab the extra sales, the last-minute purchases, spontaneous sales, and tell your customers that you will be glad to process their credit cards.

Merchant Accounts are Needed for Craft Show Credit Card Machines

To accept debit and credit cards for craft shows look for a merchant account. Make a point of researching merchant accounts on the Internet or get referrals from fellow crafters. Study the credit card processing rates carefully to find the best deals. Some rates are flat rates per transaction, some are based on quantities on others on monthly charges.

Look for merchant accounts offering free wireless credit card machines that are easily transported to all your craft shows. Compare machine features of several merchant accounts because there are differences in equipment. Find a merchant company that not only gives you a free machine, but includes no annual fee, no set-up fee and no application fee. Look for accounts offering free terminal shipping, training and 24/7 technical support.

To process cards, you will need a merchant account, a wireless credit card processing machine and a checking account. Once you receive the machine, set up the terminal with your account information. Post the credit card signs in the booth and get ready to take in the sales.  Credit card machines at craft shows can help you go from selling a bit to selling out.


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