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What To Look For In POS Software for Coffee Shops

You walk into a coffee shop and hear a number of words called out: ‘large skinny latte,’ ‘soy chai decaf, small,’ ‘extra-large macchiato.’ How do the men and women at the till handle those orders so quickly when the line up starts just out the front door? They have to be skilled enough to know […]

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Choosing The Best POS Software For Retail

Choosing the best POS software for retail stores that caters credit card payment can be very tedious, due to wide range of available POS programs in the market. There are open source and paid POS software that have advantages and disadvantages. Selecting the best program that is suited for retail credit card transaction can make […]

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POS Systems for Liquor Stores

As a business owner, whether you run a liquor store or any other retail company, one of the most important goals is ensuring convenience and superior service to your customers. This is how you gain customer loyalty, keep your regular customers coming back and attract new customers at the same time. From loyalty programs to […]

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