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What to Look For When Locating a POS System for Sale

When your customers like to pay at their table, you need a POS system that is flexible. Waitresses can bring them directly to customers when they serve drinks or meals. These can also be used for payments at the counter, where you still have a lot of expectations to keep in mind. Be prepared to […]

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Is It Possible For A Merchant To Accept Credit Cards for Free?

Merchants always have to make the choice: to accept credit cards or to accept only cash and debit payments. The reason they face this dilemma is that there are fees charged to merchants for every card transaction; fees they must pass on to customers unless they choose to take a hit to profits. Will anyone […]

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Getting the Best Cash Register Program for Your Computer

Why Use A Cash Register Program for Your Computer? Most cash registers in the modern world seem to be computerized these days. Unless you are shopping at a market stall, it seems that merchants sell everything from a cup of coffee to a three-piece-suit using a cash register program for a computer. How do you […]

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The Electronic Wallet

Last week, MasterCard announced a new project in conjunction with Google, Citibank and First Data to launch the first electronic wallet in North America.  The concept is very simple… instead of carrying your credit cards, bank cards and other identification in a physical wallet, all this information is stored in an app on your smartphone. […]

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