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How Accepting Credit Cards for a Business Can Instantly Boost Sales

Whether or not you will be accepting credit cards for business is a question that many small business owners give a lot of thought to. There are fees for renting credit card machines. There is usually a cost for every transaction based on a straight fee and a percentage of the bill. At the same […]

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Is It Possible For A Merchant To Accept Credit Cards for Free?

Merchants always have to make the choice: to accept credit cards or to accept only cash and debit payments. The reason they face this dilemma is that there are fees charged to merchants for every card transaction; fees they must pass on to customers unless they choose to take a hit to profits. Will anyone […]

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How To Get Credit Card Machines For Your Small Business

Cash is a forgotten method of currency. Unless frequenting a vending machine, most people do not carry cash with them. Debit and credit cards have dominated the market due to their security and convenience. It is crucial that when owning a small business that these methods of payment are able to be received. But what […]

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Understanding Credit Card Fees For Merchants

Credit card fee for merchants are charged purposely for the maintenance of the service. There is an increase in the number of credit card service providers and thus prices vary. When searching for the right service that will cater for all your needs, you will be better off first understanding all the fees involved and […]

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Why a Business Should Apply for a Business Credit Card

Whether you are just starting a business or have been running a business for years, if you apply for a business credit card, it can be one of the best things you will ever do. Even some of the more experienced business owners are not aware of just how beneficial this is, and why owning […]

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Go Mobile: The Benefits of Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminals

Wireless point-of-sale terminals provide more than just convenience; they are also important tools for business in general.  With fraud at an all time high, it’s becoming more and more important for merchants to provide their consumers with peace of mind when processing their credit and debit transactions.  Consumer education has done its piece and as […]

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Depositing – How Does it Happen and What Can Go Wrong

As a merchant, one of your primary goals is probably to get paid at the end of the day.  But did you ever wonder how those transactions you process through your terminal end up as funds in your bank account?  Probably not… the logistics behind transaction processing is hardly what would make up good coffee […]

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