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POS Terminals For Liquor Stores to Process Credit Cards

Before credit cards were created, everybody paid for everything with cash, but now that people can use credit cards, many people prefer to use them instead of using cash. For this reason, any business owner who owns a liquor store needs to have a POS for their liquor store to be able to accept credit […]

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Taking Advantage of Point of Sale for Retail System

Point of sale for retail has emerged as the best way to manage sales more effectively and efficiently. It allows the store to manage the inventory in a better way. The POS system makes the business more profitable because the sales, inventory and database records can be managed without any problem. What To Consider When […]

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How to Find The Best POS for Small Businesses

If you are looking to find the best POS for small business, then there are several things that you need to keep in mind. Failure to carefully think about these things may end up leaving you frustrated since you will not be able to achieve the kind of results that you would wish for. Here […]

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Is It Possible For A Merchant To Accept Credit Cards for Free?

Merchants always have to make the choice: to accept credit cards or to accept only cash and debit payments. The reason they face this dilemma is that there are fees charged to merchants for every card transaction; fees they must pass on to customers unless they choose to take a hit to profits. Will anyone […]

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Why Credit Card Machines for Craft Shows Make the Difference

Watch the money come in when you start using credit card machines for craft shows. Start a new craft business the right way by accepting credit cards. Seasoned crafters need to take a look at their sales and realize they could increase sales by as much as 35 percent or more by accepting credit and […]

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Cash Back: What is it & should you offer it?

Now with even your favourite coffee store accepting plastic, does anyone even carry cash anymore? While paying with cash is becoming more and more obsolete but there will always be those individuals who prefer to pay with this method.  And with the ever growing concern of debt and money management, more and more experts are […]

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