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Gift & Loyalty Card Marketing Programs can provide a powerful way for littler companies to compete. US-based Tower Group, a firm that specializes in gift card research, estimated that combined gift card sales would reach $97 billion in 2007.

The fact is, what you get out of a gift and loyalty selling program will depend on the effort and commitment you invest. Card Loyalty Marketing Programs can be a powerful way to grow sales and retain customers. Small businesses can take advantage of these benefits, but they must be ready to implement them creatively and aggressively.

I will help you understand the costs, profitability and psychology of gift and loyalty card marketing programs. I will also outline some creative, real-world case studies where smaller businesses have used gift and loyalty cards to compete well against larger, chain-store competitors.

There is no doubt that Gift & Loyalty Card Programs are profitable, 9 out of the 10 major retailers wouldn’t be using these marketing strategies if they were not extremely effective.

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