ATM Machine Services

Types of ATM Machine Services Offered

atm machine servicesWe can help you acquire a ATM Machine in your business.  Typically stores, restaurants, bars & clubs are our typical ATM customers, but we often provide short term wireless ATM Machines to big special events and/or concerts.

  • We have rental ATM available
  • You can buy or lease to own a ATM Machine
  • We offer free placement ATM Machines too!

Why Your Business Needs a ATM Machine

  • Convenience – Did you know by making an ATM cash machine available for your customers makes it easy for them to do business with you. Your customers want you to have one.
  • Increase Customers – Your customers will no longer have to stop at your competitors to get cash (and spend it there). You will have customers stopping at your place of business because you can accommodate their needs.  There very good reason’s why Walmart and the Beer Store give cash back.  It’s to keep people coming to their store.  Any way you can keep customers in your store & give them more cash in hand to spend, results in more profits to you.
  • Increased Sales – ATM’s allow your customers access to all of their available cash from bankcards, credit cards, etc. When customers have more money, they spend more money. A study done by 7-Eleven and Convenience Store Decisions Magazine showed up to 60% of the money withdrawn from an ATM is spent in that store.  Could you imagine by simply adding a ATM Machine to your business could result in 60% of the withdrawn amount going straight into your cash register?!
  • Increased Profits – You will receive 100% of the surcharge revenue when you purchase or lease an ATM. If you opt for a placement, our revenue sharing program provides additional profits on completed ATM transactions. These additional earnings are an extension to store sales made by the ATM customers.  Would it not be nice to have another revenue stream in your business? 🙂
  • Control Bad Debt – This one is our favorite reason to have a ATM Machine in your business.  Cash does not bounce. Paper money does not have the issues like: charge backs, disputes, bad checks, and the stress associated with checks and credit cards.  Every business needs more cash and ATM provides more opportunities for your business to paid in cash for your products and services.
  • Reduce Costs – We have nothing against Merchant Accounts and traditional POS Terminals, but we all know is very expensive.   By directing your customers to the ATM, you can greatly reduce the credit card merchant account fees you are currently paying.