Related Products

Our main objective at Canada Card Processing is help merchants find competitive merchant account services that fit their business needs. However, we realize that merchant accounts are much more complex then just credit and debit card processing.

There are also important services and products that go hand-and-hand with merchant accounts like:

Merchant Account Funding: This is where a merchant can sell their future debit and/or credit card sales at a small discount to acquire capital quickly. It’s a great way to come up with cash to improve your business without having to jump through all the traditional hoops and red tape associated with traditional lending. Learn more about Merchant Account Funding

Gift & Loyalty Card Marketing: This is closely tied to retail merchant accounts because often the software can be programmed on the debit machine hardware and works in tandem with debit and credit card processing. Gift and loyalty cards are great way to brand your business and are an amazing tool to increase sales and profits when marketed right. Learn more about Gift Card & Loyalty Card Services