Best Types of Touch Screen for POS

Touch screen monitors for POS are an important part of industry and their use in medical services, restaurants and other POS systems has led to a great improvement in service delivery. Instead of the old systems where employees had to deal with clatter and other time wasting processes, touch screen monitor present a simpler design where employees simply touch the screen to present options.

Choosing the Right Touch Screen Monitor For Your POS

These monitors are designed so they are tough enough to withstand a harsh environment so whether you have a simple 10-inch touch screen or a bigger 46-inch tour monitor, it will withstand the pressures that come with the workplace.

In order to purchase a touch screen that performs best for credit card processing, you need to look at the types available today.

Resistive Touch Screen

This is the most widely used touch screen technology today, and it was the second touch screen to be developed back in the 1970s. Restaurants and healthcare industries the world over make use of this type of screen to process most of their transactions. It does not require much accessories for use: A simple pencil eraser, credit card or a gloved hand is all you need to use it. Small businesses could make use of this system for their point of sales. The POS-X Evo-TM4 15-Inch Touchscreen Monitor with a Zero Bezel Face is a great purchase.

Capacitive Touch Screen

This type of screen uses an insulator and is usually coated with a transparent conductor that responds to any conductor including the human body. Capacitive touch screens generally show more color through the LCD and the glass protective surface is easy to clean. In order to work well, the screen needs to be kept clean so the electrostatic field does not have any interference. Retail service makes great use of these types of touch screen as do gaming services. One of the most popular brands of capacitive screens is the Elo 1515L 15-Inch Touchscreen Monitor. It is affordable and it is excellent for retail service.

Infrared Touch Screen Monitor For POS

Infrared screens are perhaps the most durable because they don not wear down because of touching. The reason for this is they do not use the usual sensitive coating to stimulate the touch monitor functions; instead, they use a network of crisscrossed beams of light, which are invisible to the human eye. When a finger touches the screen the network of beams is interrupted and the touch monitor functions kick in. Businesses with harsh environments like ATMs and food processing services usually prefer to go with this type because it can withstand exhaustive usage. A high quality infrared touch screen monitor for POS like the Elo 1529L 15-inch can deliver years of service and minimize labor for POS, thereby giving a business room to grow.


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