Save Time and Cost With POS Software for Linux

Linux Point of Sale (Linux POS) is reliable, versatile, affordable and worth every penny you spend on it. POS software for Linux is also far better than many POS terminals offered by other companies.

A Look at The ViewTouch POS Software

POS immediately captures the transaction and payment at the location of transaction when goods and services are bought and sold. The various devices used to record the transactions are cash registers, computers, PIN pads, barcode scanners, etc. The ViewTouch is intuitive and easy to use. The latest in technology and years of experience are put to use to give the best solutions for all the challenges hospitality professionals face.

  • The tools and features offer unlimited modifiers and qualifiers for order entries in hotels, restaurants and bars. Unique menus with process can be easily prepared and multiple guest checks opened for every table.
  • The time clock, payroll and labor management in offices and factories can be regularly reviewed and summarized and all details about hours worked, wages and overtime earnings entered without any hassles.
  • Tools include designer themes, fonts, colors and textures. They help create attractive and imaginative menu and graphics.
  • Reports can be easily generated for every aspect of the operations. These help to analyze and plan strategies. The reports can be viewed and printed on any browser and printer.
  • The personalized table view that the waiters have with them help them manage seating arrangements, do guest checks and chart table graphics.

They can also split and merge checks, and reorder easily. POS helps manage expenses, keep all the balancing details, generate checks, etc. Depending on the nature of operation, employees can either be given or denied access. Calculating daily deposits is easy and quick with this equipment.

Other Types of POS Software for Linux

Open Bravo Point of Sale

Open Bravo point of sale is a retail POS. It is a Touch screen based and supports a range of hardware, barcode, scanner, and cash drawer. It has inventory and offers excellent community support.

Mercator Java 

Mercator Java is a restaurant POS whose tools include Menu, Order management, Simple Interface, Active community and Object oriented design.


This POS is designed for small businesses and ably supports numerous hardware and databases. It operates with a touchscreen, is easy to use and has all the features that a cash register system has. It supports various printer devices, barcode scanners and card readers.

Lemon POS

Lemon POS is a configurable POS that is ideal for micro, small and medium size businesses. It can be used in a store, a restaurant or a bookstore. It is easy to install, requires low hardware. Its features include inventory managements, inventory categories, printer support, cash I drawer total, sales suspension and much more.

Floreant POS

This POS is written in Java. It simplifies order management, automation of kitchen and keeps control of cash for restaurants. Tools include, kitchen print, cash terminals, manager facilities, MIS reports, etc.

Credit Card Processing

There are also a range of POS software for Linux for credit card processing purposes. There are online sites that give links to the web pages where such software that can be downloaded.



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