Prime Trex Terminals – Why We Think It’s Good POS Terminal for Merchants to Own

Prime Trex Tech POS TerminalDo you remember an automobile in the late nineteen – eighties called the Hyundai Pony? I have always had fond memories of a best friend buying this model as his first brand new car. He was so proud of it and for two years it was pretty well trouble free. In time tough, the Pony became a one legged dog and my friend was stuck with something that had become a constant source of annoyance.  However after of a decade of Hyundai building a better cars they started producing amazing automobiles.  My friend just purchased a decade too early.

Hyundai automobiles are my analogy for Tech Trex terminals. After ten years, the Tech Trex terminals have achieved what Hyundai set out to do so many years ago. The new Primetrex S terminal is sleek, robust and fast. The POS industry is looking at the new models with a great deal of interest and they have good reason to. Transactions for IP terminals, for instance, are authorized in four seconds flat and the receipts are clear and readable. The terminal itself is easy to manipulate with prompts that are simple to follow therefore the older crowd do not have to put on their reading glasses to complete a transaction.

What sets Tech Trex aside from its equal competition is the price. The Primetrex Dial and IP are normally two hundred to three hundred dollars cheaper than its competitor terminals with similar features and their warranties are guaranteed for one year. To put this in perspective, it is a difference of seven to ten dollars a month on a lease payment. The price also allows ISO’s to keep a ready inventory of equipment without running into debt, which in turn benefits any merchant who needs a POS quickly no matter the scenario.

The majority of POS terminals in the Canadian market are not certified on all debit processors used by ISO’s thus merchants who wish to change from one host to another cannot do so. Tech Trex is certified with all the debit networks in the ISO market except Paymentech, which is exclusive to its own brands. This feature alone should be very attractive to any merchant who wants to be treated fairly. I have mentioned in previous articles that some ISO’s are difficult to work with therefore knowing that the Tech Trex can be programmed on another host used by a different ISO is a safe alternative to keep in your back pocket just in case. The same thought process can be applied to an ISO who wishes to switch their own merchants from one host to another.

Another benefit of owning a TechTrex terminal is that the company offers their own help desk that is open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. This help desk deals only with the Tech Trex terminal meaning when you call them there is nothing they are unfamiliar with. Many help desks deal with several terminals and the learning curve can be too steep for the customer service representatives causing both merchants and ISO’s to become easily frustrated.

After years of trial and error, Hyundai’s are a safe bet and very sought after automobiles. The same now applies to Tech Trex POS terminals.

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