POS Terminal & Common Technical Support Issues

Just like any piece of hardware used in the workplace, your POS Terminal may at one time or another, require some technical support!

A POS Machine or Terminal may simply break down, stop working or may have some issues with regards to functions any time during the duration of its use.  Every business requires the right tools to make it work.  The POS Systems used by merchants to collect payment for their goods and services is no exception, and is probably one of the more important tools for a business to run successfully.  The terminals function to collect and deposit funds make the business able to run, so maybe it is the most important business tool!

And again, sometimes tools require maintenance.

Some of the most common Technical issues associated with a Point of Sale terminal are as follows:

Environmental Damage: or forces beyond ones control may have the potential to affect the terminals ability to work.  Sometimes, for example if a restaurant or mechanic shop terminal gets old, they may find cleanliness to become an issue.  Keys can stick and become useless as a result of sticky or gooey materials coming into contact with the machine.  Often times, these industries that are known to fall privy to uncleanness, will fore see the issue and use plastic slips over the terminals, or they will carefully wipe down the terminal at the end of the day, which is safe to do with a slightly moist cloth, to ensure no undesirable particles or bits get stuck in there causing it to not work.  Most merchant services providers will offer a maintenance exchange, where they can switch a machine and have it serviced, then returned.

Processing Issues: sometimes, a terminal may have issues being “online” or hooked up properly.  This can be caused by a host error, where services have fallen off for a large amount of people due to a larger technical issue that spans “across the board” and is not the fault of a faulty physical hook up.  These kinds of processing issues are usually dealt with and extinguished very VERY quickly, as every one involved has the same common interest to keep merchants processing!  Any kind of major outage would be treated with top priority and with very few exceptions; I have only ever witnessed this to be a short term issue.

Software Issues or Trouble with Functions: terminals will often have their own set of special functions and applications they can be used for. This is dictated by the software that is implemented into the machine.  If there are any short comings with regards to the functions and applications the terminal should be able to do, it may just be a software issue and could be solved by a simple down load or call into the technical department for uploading instructions.

No matter what happens to your POS Terminal, the business owner should be sure to review what the Merchant Service Provider will cover in terms of solutions and support prior to committing to any one provider.  And also, to keep in mind no matter who the provider is or what payment option one maybe using, any self respecting technical support will make it top priority to keep every one up and running.

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