What To Look For In POS Software for Coffee Shops

You walk into a coffee shop and hear a number of words called out: ‘large skinny latte,’ ‘soy chai decaf, small,’ ‘extra-large macchiato.’ How do the men and women at the till handle those orders so quickly when the line up starts just out the front door? They have to be skilled enough to know their drinks, but to process people quickly at the till they also need to have high-tech, easy-to-use POS software for coffee shops.

Required Features of POS Software For Coffee Shops

POS software for coffee shop looks different from POS software in a clothing store or grocery store. This is a fast-paced environment where many customers are on their break, looking for a quick snack and a favorite drink in a short period of time. They cannot afford to wait for a slow till or a slow clerk either.

Clerks can work quickly if:

  • There are hot buttons
  • There is a touch screen
  • The POS software accommodates gift cards
  • There are inter-store connections to calculate frequent-customer rewards
  • Subtracting discounts is simple

A hot button is one which is programmed to ring up a popular item instantly: a medium, dark roast coffee (if your customers like that), or a small cappuccino (if that is what your clientele goes for). The price flashes up automatically. This technology is personalized by the coffee shop manager or whoever sets up the system. A typical coffee shop serves few enough products to fit onto one screen.

POS Software For Coffee Shops and Inter-Store Connection

Inter-store connection is an important feature if your shop is part of a chain. A customer might go into the local location to buy coffee most days, then to a totally different location at weekends. Transactions at both locations should be recorded on his account so that he can take full advantage of rewards.

Other Features and Functions

Each shop has its own brand of POS software, so staff will need to be trained. There are in-person and DVD training options. Software should allow for a cash drawer, credit cards and debit cards. Also, software can be chosen for mobile applications complete with receipt printing if your coffee shop is served by a waitress.

Data will be sent to a website for the customer to log onto his account and see how many points he has, or how many more cups he has to drink before he gets a free coffee. Inventory management correlated between locations and the web store makes it easier for an owner or manager to know how much stock he has, while he can also access store information for various locations from his online system. The POS software for the coffee shop sends all of this information to a single site. If there are problems, most software companies make customer service and technical support personnel available 24/7.


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