Getting Used POS Equipment For Sale

Those who are on the fence about getting used POS equipment for sale ought to consider this:  A point of sale (POS) system is one of those purchases that is sure to have a dramatic effect on your business. This is because a POS system will hand you complete control of all your business operations. If you accept various credit cards at your outlet, a POS system will boost your profits, increase efficiency and help you tweak your business model.

Why Get Used POS Equipment For Sale

Purchasing a POS system would not mean that you have to get a new system. There are used POS equipment for sale on the market that could pass off as spanking new. These machines are in a near-mint condition that it is hard to tell them apart from a new system. It is important to note that investing in the wrong system whether new or old is not only a waste of money, but it is also a source of never-ending business frustrations.

Switching From Cash Register to POS

Once you decide to switch from the traditional cash register into a high-tech POS system, your business will stand to gain a lot. The benefits of the system as well as its return on investment are immense. In its most basic form, a POS is an upgrade of a cash register. Used POS equipment for sale consists of a computer, receipt printer, cash drawer, an input device such as a scanner or a keyboard and a monitor. Others hardware include handheld terminals, touch screens and customer displays. When purchasing a used system with handheld terminals, ensure that the device has undergone the mandatory drop test. It is an indication of the toughness of the device.

What to Consider When Purchasing Used POS Equipment

The actual processing of the credit card is done by POS software. However, you will require a magnetic strip reader to decipher the coded information on the card. It is important to ensure that the used POS equipment has a working card reader especially if the primary purpose of the system will be to process credit cards. A standalone reader will cost you $60 to $150.

Tips On Getting The Best Used POS Equipment For Sale

  • The condition of the system should be at or near mint levels. It should not be obvious that the system is a used one.
  • Avoid a system that has too many scratches and dents. This greatly diminishes its aesthetic appeal.
  • The product should have some sort of warranty (thirty-day warranty at the very least).
  • The price of the system should be manageable.
  • It should pass all local, state and federal regulations.

Making the Right Decision

Just like a new system, the used system is also capable of producing detailed reports that will come in handy during the making of critical business decisions. Simply speaking, a used POS equipment for sale that is well maintained will ensure that you have adequate time to focus on the core areas of your business.


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