What to Look For When Locating a POS System for Sale

When your customers like to pay at their table, you need a POS system that is flexible. Waitresses can bring them directly to customers when they serve drinks or meals. These can also be used for payments at the counter, where you still have a lot of expectations to keep in mind. Be prepared to ask all of the following questions before seeking out a POS system for sale.

Finding A POS System For Sale: 101

Knowing what to look for is half the battle when on the hunt for a POS terminal. Here are some questions you may need answers to:

What is a POS System?

POS stands for Point of Sale. This means your payment machine will either reach out from the cash register to the customer from a tethered cord or can be used as a wireless, unconnected device taken from place to place around a business. All information goes back to central storage data.

What Are the Features To Look For?

The quest for the right POS terminal may warrant the following considerations:


When you are in the market for a POS system for sale, think about the volume of traffic you get on an average day. Do you need the most high tech system around? Do you need:

• To use it indoors and outdoors, such as at a restaurant or pub with a patio?
• Numerous payment methods, including gift cards?
• The ability to accept both chip cards and magnetic strip cards?
• A tip function?

Maybe dial-up internet will be more than enough for your low volume of sales on site. This is especially true if you run a shop which operates mostly on credit or online sales.

Ease of Use

Who are your customers? Are they a mixture of ages, including some with disabilities? If so, then they need to have easy-to-use and visible keys at their disposal when punching in commands and personal identification numbers (PIN). One feature to look for is a really well-lit, large LED screen and backlit numbers.


Usually, a POS system for sale will have some kind of security built in. Are you happy with the level of security you see in a product? Data from your machine should be accessible by password only. Also, many business owners prefer a tether as this makes it harder for a thief to run off with the machine. A tamper resistant case is very useful too, making it difficult for a thief to gain access to the chip inside.

Options For POS Systems For Sale

Your POS system will probably be connected to a thermal printer. Also, there are various memory options to choose from. Some software allows for bilingual text, so if you live and work in a bilingual neighborhood make sure you provide this service to your clientele.

It will take some time to figure out your precise needs when you start a business. When you purchase an existing one, financial records will give an idea of traffic levels. When putting consideration into a POS system for sale, buying a system in which you can add on to is always a smart move.


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