Introducing the Best POS Software for Restaurants

Point of sale (POS) software is important for any small, medium or large enterprise or business that operates in sales of any kind. As long as there is a monetary transaction necessary, the POS software becomes useful.

The same is true for restaurants. The best POS software for restaurants is one that goes beyond just general POS features and incorporates other features that lead to more efficient management.

These features include but are not limited to:

  • reports
  • payroll
  • accounting

as well as other employee and management control features.

There are many different kinds of point of sale software available all over Canada. These software programs all have different features and abilities. However, at the end of the day, restaurants need the most efficient system that will ensure that day to day operations are profitable and not a waste of time or money. Restaurants need POS software that can keep up with the fast paced demands of each day.

Restaurant Maid: The Best POS Software for Restaurants

Designed for Windows computers, Restaurant Maid is one of the best POS systems out there that is specially tailored toward restaurants. This system is popular in many parts of Canada and North America. Unlike many of the POS systems on the market today, Restaurant Maid is more than just a point of sale system and has a wide range of features. Restaurant Maid is so efficient that, as the name suggests, having the system is literally like having a restaurant maid.

Features of Restaurant Maid:  What Makes This POS Software the Best

General POS features

The software supports all world currencies and assists your restaurant with adding taxes (of different kinds) to different items that you offer. Other features include printing slip receipts, letter sized invoices and the like.

Restaurant specific features

The product includes managing and assessing take-out and delivery sales versus dining in and bar sales.

Other features include:

  • splitting bills into multiple parts for customers who request this
  • unlimited menu options (such as quick menu and sub menu options)
  • manage custom orders

Customer management

This allows you to create tabs for regular customers and keep a track of their order preferences. This feature is useful for restaurant owners who wish to continue expanding in a way that suits customers’ needs. The customer management features also encompasses reservations including multiple and double bookings.

Employment management

A successful restaurant is one that not only manages customers and orders well, but one that also manages employees as well. For starters, the employment management feature ensures that payroll is done on time. It also monitors tips earned by employees, hours worked and the various tasks they complete, such as orders taken.

Why Does Your Restaurant Need the Best POS Software Available?

One of the key elements of a restaurant that runs smoothly is organization, and nothing can achieve this better than software that is specifically created to keep track of the many aspects of a restaurant business.  If you are looking for the best POS software for your restaurant, order the most popular dish:  Restaurant Maid.



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