Install the Right POS Software for Touch Screen Computers

Having the right POS software for touch screen computers will allow a company to increase operational efficiency and employee performance. These systems help boost employee morale while making their jobs easier. There are many uses of touch screens in the modern world. These provide ease-of-use and advanced functionality.

For Point of Sale (POS) systems, touch screens come with specially designed applications that allow employees to simply touch the screen to log the sale and make change. The visual display is able to detect the location of a touch within the display area using wave technology. Human-computer interaction is improved with the use of touch screen interface in a POS system.

The Best Touch Screen Computer Software is Relative

There are many systems available online that can suit a company’s POS needs. Most off-the-shelf POS systems offer very advanced functionality and make retail operations very efficient and precise.  Good operating speeds and remote supportability are vital for retail management. Before one shops for a system, it is a good idea to match the type and size of your store to the type of software you wish to purchase.  This way you can save yourself from making a costly mistake.

The following industries use touch screen POS systems:

  • Retail Industry
  • Hospitality Industry
  • The Beauty Industry
  • Hardware Stores
  • Building Supply
  • Lumber Yards
Retail Industry

The retail POS system includes a display and a barcode scanner, besides a computer, monitor, cash register and a printer for receipts. Advanced systems interface the POS activity to the accounting application for real time updates. This way, managers can have an updated cost of sales report.

Hospitality Industry

In the hospitality industry, the POS system uses an integrated network of registers, computers and peripherals. These systems are able to track all sales and payrolls, and can print accounting and bookkeeping reports as required. The software allows managers to log on from the corporate headquarters and other remote sites for resolving problems. Wireless POS are now taking over at restaurants that get a big volume of customers. This allows servers to send orders to the kitchen as they enter it in the hand held devices.

Beauty Industry

Hair salons and spas use a touch screen POS to add efficiency to operations.  It helps them maintain client lists, keep appointments and create reports.

The hardware stores, building supplies and lumber yards use more advanced software which is able to handle special orders, returns and repair orders. Some also use the POS for rentals. They require custom-made software that matches their business needs.

A List of the Best POS Software for Touch Screen Computers

Below is a list of some of the best POS software solutions on the market:

  • CounterPoint by Radiant Systems
  • Visual Retail Plus
  • LightSpeed
  • Retail STAR
  • Cegid
  • GoldTech Retail Manager
  • ProphetLine
  • Retail Pro
  • Epicor Retail Solutions

The best software for a business will depend on its needs.  The right software will allow the company to use it for various purposes. It will be flexible and allows mail shots, creation of client lists, cost of sales and other features.  It will integrate operations like an ERP solution and reduce the need for manual work.  Choose suitable software for your touch screen computers so you can get the best functionality from your POS.


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