5 Things to Check for “Comm Error” Response on Your Tech Trex Terminal

It’s a Saturday afternoon, your store is filled with anxious customers and  suddenly your terminal is not working.  You’re doing everything the same as usual but when  you  attempt a transaction you are greeted with a response of  Comm Error.   Do not panic, many simple POS terminal communication issues can be resolved quickly by following the steps below:

Dial Terminal Communication Errors
1.  If you are sharing the phone line with terminal check for voicemail.
2.  If you are using a phone splitter, unplug the splitter and connect terminal phone cable directly into phone jack
3.  Turn off terminal went ten seconds and turn back on
4.  Press the blue key facing down twice and then press key next to Other Setup.  Enter password (999999) followed by pressing the down key one more time.  Press button next to Clear Reversal and the Yes
5.  Change the phone cable

Note: If the Comm Error is returned almost instantaneously after pressing the last OK then the problem is in the store and you should follow the steps above.  If it takes an abnormal amount of time then there could be a modem issue or a Host issue, i.e. the transaction processing  network is down.

IP Terminal Communication Errors:

1.  Reboot terminal and Clear Reversal (see #4 above)
2.  Are you able to access the Internet on any computer in your store that shares the same router or modem as the terminal.
3.  Power down terminal, modem and router.  Reboot router and wait for lights.  Power on Modem and wait for all lights to flash (power will be solid).  Turn on terminal.
4.  If you are using a static IP connection please check with your Internet technician  for changes in firewall programming
5.  Change the Ethernet cable

There is always the possibility that the Debit and/or Credit Processor(s) are down thus resulting in a Time Out or Comm error. Also, the likeliness that the terminal may have a modem problem may be slim it is not entirely  unusual.  If none of the above corrects the communication error then please call your POS  help desk.


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