How To Get Credit Card Machines For Your Small Business

Cash is a forgotten method of currency. Unless frequenting a vending machine, most people do not carry cash with them. Debit and credit cards have dominated the market due to their security and convenience. It is crucial that when owning a small business that these methods of payment are able to be received. But what is the overall cost? Can a small business afford to accept these types of payments? making the question of “how to get a credit card machine for a small business?” a very vital consideration to any business. Illustrated below is how to get credit card machine for small business.

How To Get Credit Card Machines Your For Small Business?: Key Points

There are certain factors to consider when making a credit card machine purchase. The main factor is how people are going to be proving payment: in person or online.

Payments in person

These types of transaction will require a point of sale ( POS) system where the card can be swiped. These can cost several hundred dollars so it is important to make sure that when making the investment the machine provides all the features you need such as receipts.

Payments online 

When customers make payments to a business online, software can be purchased to transform the computer into a credit card processing station. These are significantly less expensive, but do come with monthly fees and often fees per transaction.

Choosing a POS System

If considering a POS system, there are many different features that impact the overall price such as:

• New versus used/refurbished
• Keypad or none
• Printing capabilities
• Wireless connection
• Dial up connection
• E- Check capabilities

A great way to save on POS sales are business that are in the process of liquidation. The Internet provides a great deal of resources that all a business owner to conduct price comparisons.

Smart Phone Technology

Smart phone technology has revolutionized the amount of access to technology people have. Credit card readers are available for:

• iPhones
• iPads
• Android phones
• Blackberry phones

Mobile credit card readers are a great and inexpensive way to make the most out of technology that a business may already possess. Many of these devices start as low as $30.00 dollars and can range up to $200.00. These prices are drastically lower in cost than older generation technology for credit card processing. The only downfall to these low prices is that they are unable to provide a physical receipt which most how to get credit card machine for small business customers want. Devices that provide a receipt are closer to $ to get credit card machine for small business

How To Get Credit Card Machines Your For Small Business?: Final Considerations

Negotiate with the vendor that has the POS or software that fits the business. Often times, monthly rates can be negotiated as well as per transaction fees. Business owner can often settle on a contract that is effective for the business type and budget. Often times, multiple POS systems come with discounts based on quantity purchased. Make sure review all agreements thoroughly. Although asking your self ; “how to get credit card machine for small business?” is an important first step one must do their research. For, as with most contracts, there is an early termination fee.


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