Credit Card Machines For Small Businesses in Canada

Credit Card Machines For Small Businesses in CanadaCredit Card Machines for Small Business in Canada

As large and small business around the world has undergone some very big changes in the last 20 years that will forever change the way we do business.  Whether big or small, retail or service driven, all industry has one thing in common: in order to grow and maintain success, you have to have customers, and keep them happy.  One very important way to do this, especially with regards to retail business is to offer as many payment options as possible.  Every business should accept Interac and Major Credit Cards so that a potential purchase is never turned away!

Credit Card Machines are in every business in Canada, large and small.

It is easy for the big box mega-stores supported by large corporations, to engulf the cost of establishing Credit Card machines in every day business.  As a result, small business in Canada must provide and compete with the same standard levels of service as large business, and one of the most important aspects, if nothing else is the ability to accept all payment types.

Credit card machines are made available to Canadian business via two avenues:  a business owner can go to their bank for services, or to an Independent processor.  There are pro’s and con’s for each choice, but the most important thing to observe here is that for small business in Canada there is an option or options as to who you can obtain your credit card machine services from, and choice is very important.

In Canada, the credit card providers are de-regulated, which means not only Member Banks are permitted to provide major credit card processing.  In Canada the market is open to smaller more independent processors as well.   This leaves small business owner’s in Canada in a great position to bargain and negotiate what they will pay for both processing and service on their credit card machines.  At the same time, it means small business owners in Canada can stay competitive by offering the same payment options as larger more established stores, at the same time receiving fair and manageable pricing for their credit card machines!

At this point in time during this deregulation in Canada, there are so many processors to choose from, that even the banks have become more competitive in terms of their pricing and features.

Small business makes up a strong percentage of Canada’s commerce.  Now at the same time, they are taxed heavily and there are many government issued permits and regulations that will cost Canadian small business owner money every month simply to be able to stay in business.  With all of these expenses and the prospect that the income is not as great as competitor retailers, it is imperative that small Canadian business owners be able to save money where they can and using a credit card machine does this while making money at the same time! In general, for any small Canadian business a credit card machine will be their most valued employee, creates the most potential for profit while costing the least!

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