What Are Considered to Be the Best POS Systems for Bars?

Traditional cash registers are good tools for taking money and making change in the restaurant and entertainment industry, but they can only take a busy nightclub or bar so far. The customer traffic and the ability to run daily reports and perform functions like inventory tracking make POS systems for bars more practical. Besides, special sales tracking is required for each state or territory when selling alcohol.

In the current typical business climate at bars, the lack of a POS system in a bar can make a business less efficient. Cash management and sales processing is more than the usual fare. Business owners need to track cash interactions with customers, and responsibly monitor the sales actions of employees. POS systems usually come with special employee ID assignments that make monitoring quite seamless.

General Benefits of the Best POS Systems for Bars

Each POS can be customized to fit an individual business’s needs. Here are some benefits for bar owners to consider:

  • Products or foods can be separated into different departments to see what areas of the business have the strongest sales.
  • POS programs can help plan for the addition of future products.
  • Sometimes, if a bar is part of a restaurant, two cash management systems are needed. POS systems are adaptable enough to easily add a separate station both for food and alcohol.
  • Promotions and markdowns can be programmed and automated so that employees make discounts consistent.
  • It cuts down on paper use for tickets. There is still a ticket that must be printed for the customer. However, the need to write orders in shorthand to give to the cook is eliminated. When the screen is touched and a new order is entered, the kitchen monitor shows the cook what must be cooked.
  • POS systems streamline the process of ordering. From taking an order to giving the customer a final bill, the process is speedy. When the customer is ready to pay, a credit card is swiped through a processing machine, the customer signs and the transaction is complete.

Popular Models of Point of Sale Systems for Bars


A popular, reliable model for POS systems. One advantage it has over others is that is provides a 360-degrees rotating display head and adjustable height – a benefit for both customers and employees.

Squirrel Systems

This system has the reputation for being the first to integrate all POS functions in one diskless machine without a keyboard and CRT monitor. Other systems have caught up, but this company is a reliable pioneer in the industry. Squirrel’s popular “Squirrel In A Box” POS pack is the whole system including training and support and the use of mobile devices and tablets as POS in one box.


These POS systems are designed with the hospitality industry in mind. The company boasts seamless integration of hardware and software, but it is a trusted POS provider and has been for more than 25 years. They have had the chance to work through 10 generations of systems and remove most of the kinks.

Getting the Best POS System for Your Bar is Worth the Investment

The biggest obstacle to purchasing a POS system for most bars and restaurants is cost. Many do not have the savings or operating capital on hand to make such a large purchase. If the investment is made, though, the system can pay for itself in about a year. Business will pick up so rapidly, owners will not even feel the pinch in their wallets.


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