Selecting A Program For Inventory Tracking

There are various options when searching for a program for inventory tracking that are available through either a merchant account provider or an external source. Businesses in many industries need reliable inventory tracking systems to monitor day-to-day usage and stay well stocked. Failure to track inventory can cause a daily activities to grind to a halt.

For example, a restaurant must be very organized when tracking the usage of ingredients and restocking of supplies. Failure to manage inventory can lead to spoiled food and wasted money. Even bigger problems could occur when the ingredients needed to create meals run out.

Three Factors When Selecting Programs For Inventory Tracking

Three main factors merit consideration when purchasing a program for inventory organization. Inventory systems should give meaningful data on the financial aspects of the organization and provide relevant reports and alerts. Additionally, the system should enforce a level of security and auditing to track the actions of all users.

  • Prices By Unit Or Weight
  • Sales Tax Configuration
  • Support For Multiple Currencies

The entire goal of an inventory management system is to help business owners see where their money is going and make wise decisions going forward. Inventory programs should be able to calculate the cost of current inventory and take into account different pricing models. Sales tax and currency conversions are also factors to look for if the business normally deals with varying forms of currency.

What to Look For In An Inventory Tracking Program

Inventory systems should provide more than a simple price per item. For example, many items have a price per pound or ounce. Inventory systems should support this type of measurement in a way that helps owners understand how much their inventory is worth.

Reporting and Overview

  • Relevant Reports
  • Inventory-Level Alerts
  • Ability To Export

An inventory program must provide reports that show usage over time and highlight changes in usage patterns. Since some businesses cannot function when inventory runs out, configurable alerts are useful to warn users that a certain crucial item is about to run out. These features are essential to a functioning inventory system.

Since inventory information is also important for tax purposes and budgeting, a good program should also export to various formats to be consumed by financial programs. This functionality is standard in most professional inventory systems.


  • Specific User Access Levels and Restrictions
  • User Activity Auditing

If more than one user will be accessing the system, strong access levels and security enforcement is very important. The system should know which user initiated any changes or took any actions within the program. In this way, employees are unable to abuse the system to steal inventory or otherwise take advantage of the company.

Making A Wise Choice Regarding Programs For Inventory Tracking

Inventory systems are a vital component in organizing almost any type of business. Wise business owners will take into account these important factors and have a clear idea of what the program for inventory tracking should provide. This will help ensure the system they chose meets the companies needs.


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