Best POS System For A Small Business?

Every small business owner understands the need for fast and efficient service for the growth of the business, which means you’ll need a good point of sale (POS) system for your small business if you hope to serve your customers efficiently. Having the best POS system for your purposes would ensure that your clerk is provided with all the necessary information to make the check out process fast, efficient, and easy.

Which Type of POS System is the Best for a Small Business?

There are three types of POS systems for small businesses such as retail stores and other outlets. These are:

Traditional desktop model

This type of POS system is generally the least expensive but is quite bulky and takes up a significantly large space on your countertop. This type of POS models come with up to four year warranties from manufacturers.

Small form factor models

These POS systems are less bulky than desktop varieties and have a stylish modern design. It does save space on your countertop but has fewer options for added expandability.

All-in-one models

This type of POS system provides two options you can choose from. It combines a touchscreen and a normal computer in a single unit. It has a stylish look and takes minimal space on your countertop. It also reduces the clutter of cables due to its touchscreen feature. However, its CPU works slower than the other models, though it comes with additional software applications to compensate for speed. It is ideal for use in restaurants but will require space for a cash drawer.

The 3 Best POS Systems for Small Businesses In The Market Today

There are many versions of POS system models in the market today. According to recent reviews, here are the top three models you can rely on for efficiency in your small business:


This is a model that has been in use since 1996. It provides efficient retail management system for small businesses and is fully compatible with touchscreen hardware. It can be used in virtually every type of small business from groceries to toy shops. It can work on-premise with Windows servers or hosted by Comcash. It easily integrates accounting software such as QuickBooks making it the ideal choice for transitioning retailers.

GoldTech Retail Manager

This is a POS model that is ideal for a small but growing business as it can provide support for up to fifty stores. It not only provides point of sale support but also comes with CRM, warehouse management, and inventory management functionalities. It is designed for specialty small businesses as well as retailers who deal with repairs such as bike shops. Its Retail manager can be operated on-premise or via a cloud based system.

Dynamics Retail Management System

This is a Microsoft software application specifically designed for small businesses. It incorporates inventory and employee management functions as well as CRM. The employee management feature makes it quite unique as it provides a built-in clock and control of discounts and inventory processing. It is offered in individual or single store version and for a multi-stores business headquarters. It can also be run on Windows servers.

Consider these options when setting up the POS system for your small business, and start increasing your revenue!


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