POS Software for Grocery Stores

POS software for grocery stores allows the store clerks to register which items have been purchased and process credit card payments. There are many POS systems to choose from; some are open source while others must be purchased. Following are the three top POS systems for grocery store use.

The Options Available for POS Software for Grocery Stores

Knowing one’s options is the only true way to ensure you get the best possible solution for your business. Here are 3 of the more popular choices:


AccuPOS is a multifaceted system that can be used not just by retailers but also by restaurants. The system is compatible with QuickBooks and Sage accounting software. AccuPOS systems include touchscreens computers, thermal printers and all the software needed to get the system up and running. Specialized features include multi-line bar code scanning and charge by weight options. The only downside to using this system is that it is not cheap to purchase.


Harbortouch is cheaper than AccuPOS. It has a touchscreen PC, card reader, cash drawer, receipt printers, bar code reader, pin pad, keyboard and customer display. A retail store owner who buys this system will need assistance from the company to get it up and running, but overall Harbortouch is not difficult to work with. One particularly good feature that many customers are sure to appreciate is the fact that Harbortouch Point of Sale systems can accept a number of mobile and wireless payments.

POS Guys

POS Guys is a great system and many retail outlets make use of it. It is a full system that includes equipment, software and supplies. All in one system start at a little under $2,000, which may be a bit steep for a retailer who is just starting his or her business. POS Guys offers various system options; entry level systems have regular components while advanced systems include hardware and touchscreen PCs. Many business owners like the fact that POS Guys offers various component options. The fact that the system is compatible with all credit card processors and merchant services is yet another plus.

Choosing the Right POS Software for Your Grocery Stores

A grocery store owner should consider the above mentioned options to see which system is best for his or her particular store. While some systems are inherently better than others, a system that is ideal for one retailer may not be suitable for another.

Cost is an important factor to consider. A store owner should not just look at the cost of the system itself but also upkeep and maintenance costs. Whether or not the system in question is compatible with programs that a store owner regularly uses is yet another important factor to take into account.

The above mentioned three systems have their pros and cons, but each one is a great option. A person simply needs to look over each system and determine which one would be the most suitable option for his or her store. The POS software for your grocery store should not only serve as a convenience to your customers but, to the business owner as well.


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