How to Go About Finding Cash Registers for Sale

How do you choose the right cash register for sale for your new business? This is going to be one of the major considerations you make since many mistakes can be made at the point of sale.

Cash Register For Sale: 101

Knowing what to look for is half the battle when on the hunt for a cash register or point of sale terminal. Here are some points you may need to consider:

Size of Your Operation

How big is your company? Do you have a lot of employees? Are there a lot of items for sale, and is it complicated to ring them in? All of these factors will influence the type of cash register you choose. A small business can probably only afford an inexpensive register anyway, at least at first, so expect to spend a few hundred dollars.

A small business might also restrict payment methods to cash or cheque only, meaning a cash register does not have to be as high-tech as some others.

On the other hand, if you have a lot of employees and stock, you need to:

  • Log in each cashier to keep track of who is doing what
  • Have space for plenty of buttons and other options
  • Make several forms of payment available

Technology and Finding Cash Registers for Sale

The larger your business is, the more technology will have been integrated into your machine. For instance, you are more likely to need:

  • Frequent use buttons
  • Point of sale data collection
  • Credit card and debit card compatibility
  • A gift card button

Moreover, if you have the money to be choosy, you might want to select a touch screen rather than a button-press system. Also, companies with some money to spare can opt for energy efficient models which will pay for themselves down the road. They are pricier to purchase at first, but less expensive to run.

Companies which choose to buy computerized cash registers for sale will also probably have to bring someone in to do training. Does the company provide this for free, or will you have to pay for a training day? How hard will this be and how time consuming? Ask yourself and the sales personnel all of these questions ahead of time.

What Are You Selling?

In grocery stores, there are cash registers which enable consumers to perform a self check-out with a staff member on hand to help with any problems. These machines come with:

  • A scale
  • A weighted bagging area
  • Functions for scanning barcodes and entering bin numbers

If you are selling bulk items and want to streamline the checkout process, at a candy store for instance, then having a scale attached to the cash register is handy and saves you a step or two.

If you are operating your business in a tough neighborhood where theft is common, then you should consider what cash register security is available. Can you make access to the machine difficult for a petty thief?

The true bottom line when finding the right cash register for sale for your business is, what works best. Knowing your business’ make up is the only fool-proof way to ensure that you get the solution you need to increase your customer’s experience.


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