E-commerce Merchant Accounts

A E-commerce merchant account allows you to accept payments via your website.   Internet merchant accounts can take longer to approve if you do not have the follow items squared away on your website.

There is a clearly stated link(s) on every page that leads to:

  1. Your privacy policies
  2. Your terms of use
  3. Your refund policies
  4. Your shipping policies
  5. Contact page with phone #, address, and email address

Note: Make sure the information found on your contact page is the same contact information that will be listed on your application. Just remember merchant account underwriters are looking for transparency and if they do not feel your website is being transparent you can end up with a decline on your application.

Shopping Cart Compatibility

The only requirement the Virtual Merchant has for shopping carts is that it is SSL (secure socket layered) which just means the little lock bar shows up in the browser url. If you do not have this then your account cannot be approved. Another benefit to using Virtual Merchant (and this is the reason why we promote this product over others) is that 9 times out 10 you do not require a gateway to connect the merchant account to your shopping cart(s).

This can save a merchant big dollars. Virtual merchant has their own internal gateway that will connect to your shopping cart (at no extra charge) where with most other merchant account providers you will also require to pay for additional gateway services to make it all work correctly. The only time you would require a gateway is if you want to have recurring billing that automates directly from the checkout process without having settings of “https pending”.

E-commerce – 5-7 business days for all steps

  1. Complete agreements
  2. Sent to merchant processing company for approval of merchant account
  3. Merchant processing company will verify the website or ask to see model of site if not yet active
  4. Web developer receives an email with instructions on how to connect website to the back end
  5. Web developer can call the support desk to have any questions answered on set up
  6. Customer can then start processing once website is activated