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Debit Card Machines

Learn which type of POS machine is best for your business.

In Canada there are basically only 6 different types of debit machines available Canadian Merchants. Debit machines in Canada are often also referred to as, “Point of Sale Terminals” or “POS” for short, but they are basically hardware equipment that allows Merchants to accept credit and/or debit as a method of payment.

Here is the list of the 6 different types of solutions available:

  1. Dial-up Debit Machine: This is the most commonly used POS machine by Merchants. The hardware is usually two pieces (one main box with an external PIN Pad) and it connects to any working phone line. This equipment is the most popular because it happens to be the most affordable piece of POS equipment. More info on Dial-up Debit Machines.
  2. IP/Broadband Debit Machine: This is the second most commonly used POS machine by most Merchants, although it is quickly become more popular as more Merchants seem to be having high-speed internet at their business venue(s). There are many benefits to this solution over the Dial-up machine and it typically is only $10-15 more depending on the exact hardware. More info on IP Debit Machines.
  3. Wireless Debit Machine: This machine used to be popular but is not used as much anymore. It works similar to using a cordless phone, still plugging into a phone line and/or internet connection. Most companies have replaced this unit by the Cellular Debit Machines.
  4. Cellular Debit Machine: These card processing machine runs off the cellular network and can process a transaction anywhere there is a cellular signal. These are a little more expensive than your traditional POS terminal, but they give great flexibility. For merchants on the go and needing a face-to-face solution this is perfect. More info on Cellular Debit Machines.
  5. PC Software: This solution doesn’t require any hardware to process credit cards. It is software based and works on any computer as long as you have an internet connection. Perfect for the business that only wants to process credit cards. Business professionals are fond of this solution. More info on Point-of-Sale Software.
  6. Customized Processing Software: This type of solution is something we DO NOT specialize in because it’s out of the scope for 99% of all businesses. It’s usually the Walmart’s and other huge big box chains that have their own customized payment processing solution created for them.

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