Cash Registers for Bars: Choosing the Right Type

Installing the right cash registers in bars is the key to efficient service.  The cash register, or the POS (point of sale) as it is sometimes referred to, will be a hub of activity on any given day or night at a bar. It is where money changes hands, and having a good system in place is crucial to keep a busy night running smoothly. If you are thinking of buying one for your own business, then you should know the three basic types of cash registers.

Three Types of Cash Registers For Bars

Standard Cash Register

Allows the basic encoding of items along with their prices, and is integrated with a cash drawer that opens as the clerk makes a sale. It also prints out a tape receipt which customers can keep for their records.

Modern Cash Register/ POS Systems

Expands the basic functions of the standard cash register. Aside from allowing the functions mentioned above, it can also be connected to a bar code scanner, or a computer network that spans the entire establishment, in order to facilitate monitoring of stocks as well as individual sales by the managers.

Self Check Out Counters

This is a more modern approach to the cash register, where aside from having a main cash register, one or several terminals would also allow a customer to pay for their purchases by themselves.

Each type can be further subdivided into subtypes. For example, under the standard cash register, there are units which can print receipts on thermal paper, in contrast to other units which can only print receipts using an ink ribbon.

Different types of POS systems can include:

  • those without bar code scanners
  • those with stock monitoring capabilities
  • those with biometric security systems

Therefore, there is no single model that has every option thrown in. When you are looking for the best cash register for a bar, you need to be sure of what capabilities you want first. There are bars which do fairly well on an antique, standard cash register, while there are those who cannot function properly without a POS system.

To help you decide, you might want to think of the size of the business. A small bar with only a few employees will be served well by a standard cash register. A bigger bar which employs a lot of people and stocks a lot of commodities will do better with a POS system, so everything can be monitored more efficiently. Bars which are even bigger, and are more like big restaurants, might want to innovate using self check out counters.

Cost Will Determine Which Cash Register You Choose for Your Bar

You can also decide based on cost. If you are looking to save as much money as possible, a standard cash register will do the job, even for a medium-sized bar. Two or three of these registers, placed at strategic locations, can do the trick. If convenience is what you are after, or if the image of the bar demands it, then a POS system may just be what you need. Just keep your bar’s cash registers manned by honest clerks, to keep your money in good hands.


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