Free POS Software for PC: Features to Check

The quality of the free POS software for PC is as important as the POS machine that constitutes the POS system. Since initial cost is largely spent on the actual hardware, little attention is placed on the selection of the POS software that runs on the system and provides the actual interface. While there are free software packages used for this purpose, accompanying applications usually lack the desired features. Thus, it is important to install or upgrade to the most appropriate software by first knowing about the right features.

Configurable Systems and Free POS Software for PC

The POS software must be configurable to match the specific needs of the business enterprise. An important feature that must be included and must be configurable is credit card processing. Attached to the right credit card scanning hardware, the POS application can be readily configured to read basic and advanced information from the payment format.

Scalable Support

The free POS software must also be scalable to support the expansion of the system. This scalable feature is important especially for the growing enterprise that would need more terminals to accept credit card payments. In this aspect, it is more preferred to choose SQL-based systems since this language offers extensive support for upscale improvements.

Security and Compatibility with a Wide Range of Systems

When it comes to the use of credit cards, security and compatibility of the system are major issues that need to be addressed at the forefront. The software must, therefore, have security encryptions built into its processes from reading data up to recordkeeping. Overly secure systems are somehow detrimental to compatibility. Thus, the software must also be tried out for compatibility with different credit cards that employ various formats.

Free from Errors and Bugs

POS software is not a mainstream application and may not be properly tested for errors and bugs when installed on particular hardware. To find out whether the free POS application is error-free and bug-free, it must be tested out in the actual terminal. Scanning of credit card information must be seamless and fast without room for errors. If error comes up during the course of scanning, saving, or retrieving data, then the application may not be ideal for use.

Competent Free POS Software for PC Technical Support

When issues arise from the use of the POS application, technical support must offer the quickest source of solutions. Technical support personnel must be adept with the ins and outs of the system so that solutions are carried out immediately and avoid delays in the operation.

In summary, the free POS application must be checked for the following features:

  • Configurability
  • Scalability
  • Security and compatibility
  • Error-free and bug-free
  • Technical support

Most POS applications offer free POS software for your personal computer as a bundle with the main POS machine. Since these are offered for free, some features may be absent and can be supplemented by installing other third-party yet still free applications.


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