US Retailers Form New Retail Gift Card Association

Several major US retailers led by founding members Applebee’s, Best Buy, Home Depot, Marriott International and Subway have announced they are joining together “to create an industry group whose goal is to ensure shoppers have only positive experiences with the gift cards they buy and use. The Retail Gift Card Association (RGCA) formed in October with a mission to create consumer-centered policies and procedures for members that will let consumers continue to confidently buy and use the cards that have become the #1 gift choice over last several years.”

Now my question is when will Canada form their own Gift Card Association to help protect consumers? We seem to always fall a little behind the times up here in Canada. Gift cards are a extremely powerful way to increase sales and profits for businesses, but there has also been some real issues with gift cards over the years. Even provincial guidelines have had to be created to protect consumers from expiry dates on gift cards. I think a Gift Card Association would be a great asset to the Canada Payment Processing landscape.

Any bold folks willing to step forward and form the Canadian division of RGCA…?

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