Before Buying A POS For Your Coffee Shops, Read This!

If you own or run a coffee shop, you must be ready to deal with challenges that come with running such an establishment. There are two factors that determine how successful your coffee shop will be in the future — customer loyalty/satisfaction and efficiency in service delivery. By deploying a good POS for coffee shops with a robust management system, you can achieve a lot through enhanced efficiency in service delivery and customer satisfaction.

Crucial First Steps When Buying a POS For Coffee Shops

When procuring a POS for coffee shops, you need to evaluate your needs and requirements and match them with your prospective system. As you would expect, there are many affordable coffee shop and restaurant management systems out there that come with standard functionalities. However, if you are looking to revamp and expand your business, you need to look into a tailor made POS solution.  You need a system that is geared towards handling almost all if not all aspect involved in running your shop. Fundamentally, you are looking to improve the ordering and check out speeds; effective inventory management; analysis and monitoring.

Customizing Your POS Terminal

While the kind of functionalities for your POS system may vary, there are some features that are useful to all types of coffee shops and they include:

• Service categories
• Help tools
• Programmable keys
• Multi currency capabilities
• All card processing
• Multi register
• High end security system
• Discounts for regular customers

For coffee shop owners who are focused on expanding their businesses in future by way of opening a chain of shops, a customizable POS can be a great investment. Another issue the owner needs to consider is the issue of credit card processing. A few years ago, only banks that had the monopoly of processing these transactions but the internet has changed all that and third party agents are joining the bandwagon. Therefore, you should choose a system that can process these transactions efficiently and securely.

Avoiding Credit Card Fraud

One of the most important issues that you need to consider when dealing with credit cards is fraud. This is why all major card issuers are taking necessary steps to safeguard their clients. Therefore, the new system should allow you:

• Conduct regular vulnerability scans
• Train your staff on the risks involved and how to handle them
• Audit system access regularly
• Install new software patches
• Monitor system logs

Safeguarding POS for Coffee Shops

The issue of safeguarding your customer’s information is crucial for your business’s image. In a competitive industry, no coffee shop owner would like to be known as the place where credit card information is stolen. Therefore, ensure that your system complies with the set out standards. For instance, you should not:

• Archive or store whole card numbers
• Transmit credit card data unencrypted.

Finally, ensure that you procure your system for a reputable company. For although obtaining a POS for your coffee shop is a sound investment, your best approach is doing your research first.


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