Useful Apps: Creating a Credit Card Machine for Android

The latest buzz in the commercial trading market is the ability to process consumer credit card payments through mobile devices, like using an app to make an Android work as a credit card machine. Gone are the days when the use of mobile devices was restricted to remote wireless communication. A modern day phone can double up as an apparatus for traders to process any number of credit card transactions anywhere in the world with great ease.

So whether you are a vendor at a trade fair, local art show, boutique, temporary pop-up shop or the owner of any other mobile business you can rest easy now. No more bad checks or wondering about a bad credit card; you can get paid faster than ever without having to purchase any high-end, expensive gadgets.

How To Use Your Android as a Credit Card Machine

There are two available technologies for payment solutions in the rapidly expanding Android market today.

1. Using payment solution applications: The merchants using this technology will need to download an app to their phone, open a merchant account and access to gateway support. Once you have done this, you can start processing transactions by keying in the card information directly into your phone. The applications are quite self-sufficient and purchasing card readers is completely optional. You can e-mail or text the electronic receipts to the customer directly from the phone. The major advantage of this technology is that the merchants can save a huge amount of time in bookkeeping by downloading the transactions at the end of each business day electronically to financial softwares like QuickBooks, etc. The efficacy of these apps has made them hugely popular.

2. Using Bluetooth technology: Systems like the Pocket Verifier or Pocket Spectrum use a 2-track Bluetooth card reader and a receipt printer. The advantages are that the Bluetooth technology reduces the burden on the phone greatly and prints out an actual receipt. The disadvantage is that Bluetooth devices are battery operated and high on energy consumption, it is important to keep them charged constantly.

Some Useful Credit Card Processing Apps for Androids

Mobile Merchant Pro: This free app is very user friendly and compatible with two of the most commonly used gateways. There are no additional transactions fees.

Intuit GoPayment: Although this app is free it needs an account with the Intuit GoPayment merchant service. The authorization is instant and often up to 50 employees can be added to a single account.

Merchant on the Move: This app is free, allows customers to sign and can handle both typed-in and swiped credit card transactions. This also needs a separate merchant account and a proprietary card swiper and printer.

ROAMpay: This app costs $2.99 and works with a dongle. The gateway options are much more and built in tools allow tracking customer data, recording offline transactions, handling refunds and voided payments, etc.

The use of these apps can create a secure credit card machine for Android phones and you will never miss a sale again.



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