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The Benefits of a Portable Credit Card Machines for Small Business

How the world does business has changed. In fact, a lot of commerce is done online or using cashless methods of paying which means small businesses have to find a way to fit in. The good thing is taking electronic payments is still possible even if the nature of a company does not allow it […]

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Why Credit Card Machines for Craft Shows Make the Difference

Watch the money come in when you start using credit card machines for craft shows. Start a new craft business the right way by accepting credit cards. Seasoned crafters need to take a look at their sales and realize they could increase sales by as much as 35 percent or more by accepting credit and […]

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Go Mobile: The Benefits of Wireless Point-of-Sale Terminals

Wireless point-of-sale terminals provide more than just convenience; they are also important tools for business in general.  With fraud at an all time high, it’s becoming more and more important for merchants to provide their consumers with peace of mind when processing their credit and debit transactions.  Consumer education has done its piece and as […]

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Moneris Introduces PAYD for Mobile Credit Card Processing

Up until now, if you were a small business, the possibility of accepting credit card payments seemed remote with all the fees that are associated with a merchant account.  Plus, you may not have a store front to plug a terminal into and wireless terminals were just out of your budget.  But, earlier this week, […]

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iPhone Credit Card Processing Apps

What You Need to Know About iPhone Credit Card Processing We are addicted to our phones and smart phone technology like the “iphone” is getting better and  better every minute.   It only makes sense that merchants use a iPhone credit card processing application too, right…? Your mobile phone is your life.  It stores your contacts, […]

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Wireless Point of Sale Terminals

In the past 30 or so years that merchants and customers have been using Debit and Credit Card machines to make purchases, the technology involved in making this happen had changed very little.  How ever, in the past 10 or so years, the advent of so many new interfaces and applications available to us has […]

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Credit Card Processing On The iPhone

Credit Card Processing For The  iPhone The goal of the major credit card companies is to have everyone using their credit cards for every purchase, all the time.  The credit card companies will profit many times over on the same transactions, where both the customer using the card pays fees, as well the business owner […]

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