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Free POS Software for PC: Features to Check

The quality of the free POS software for PC is as important as the POS machine that constitutes the POS system. Since initial cost is largely spent on the actual hardware, little attention is placed on the selection of the POS software that runs on the system and provides the actual interface. While there are […]

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Cash Registers for Bars: Choosing the Right Type

Installing the right cash registers in bars is the key to efficient service.  The cash register, or the POS (point of sale) as it is sometimes referred to, will be a hub of activity on any given day or night at a bar. It is where money changes hands, and having a good system in […]

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Visa Debit – How Does It Compare To Interac Debit?

So what’s the big deal with Visa Debit anyway?  The promise of the introduction of this card has raised some serious debates over the last 2 years… and could be the one product responsible for the introduction of the Canadian Code of Conduct.  But with all the chatter, what’s the real deal? Visa (and MasterCard […]

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Interac Online and How It Works

In our last segment, we mentioned Interac Online as a means of paying for goods and services on your website.  And while this service was launched in 2005, it is still largely unknown to Canadians.  What is Interac Online and how will it help you grow your service? Interac Online is a means that allows […]

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